EBay Addition: Jo-Jo Reyes

The last card from the EBay lot was Jo-Jo Reyes. Reyes in the 2008 set was a short print. Reyes is another player from the lot that is on the decline. He was DFA by the Blue Jays in 2011 and bounced around between the Orioles, Pirates and Angels. He currently is playing ball in South Korea.


EBay Addition: Jesse Carlson

The second card in the lot from EBay. Jesse it appears is already out of baseball after being released last year by the Red Sox.


EBay Addition: Dustin McGowan

I was meandering through EBay last week and found someone had posted a lot of new Signed 2008 Ginters. I contacted them and was able to get three of them combine with shipping for under 8.00. The first of which was Dustin McGowan. All three of them have nice signatures, I like the placement of this one and the add number.


TTM Return: John Lackey

The successes for the 2008 Allen and Ginter set has been slow lately. Mr. Lackey keeps the dream alive with this return. He also signed and returned a 2009 Ginter as well.

Thanks John!


TTM Return: Justin Masterson

It has been a while since I have been able to post any progress on the 2008 Ginter set. Lately I have been having more success moving my 2012 Olympic Hopefuls set forward. If you didn't know already, I am starting the Olympic set. I created a new blog for it for organizational reasons, take a look if your interested.

Is it just me, or does Justin look like the young version of Dr. Graham from Field of Dreams?

Thanks Justin!


TTM Return: Kevin Van Dam

Added another non-baseball card to our collection this weekend. Keven Van Dam, is another card I should have sent to a while back, he is known to be a good TTM signer.

Thanks Kevin!


TTM Return: Andrew "William Ocean" Litz

Yet another card that should have been sent a long time ago. Litz has a good record for TTM successes. I had to do a you tube search to really see what he is about, and I would recommend it. Pretty entertaining.

Thanks Andrew!