Lucky 7: The Seventh TTM Success this Year

Today I had a rough day at the office so to speak. The website I have been developing to act as a company portal launched today after about nine months of development. We had a soft launch less than a week ago, but apparently the "clients" that were supposed to be testing it didn't. Today about 2/3's of the functionality failed.

I left work to come home and help put the kids to bed and now I am back at the office putting out fires.

In steps Webb, the man isn't the one you call to put out fires, he makes sure they don't happen. In this instance he made my day 100% better by returning his card after an almost a 200 day wait. When I got home and saw the envelope I thought it was a spring training return. Nope. Just a Webb Gem. (sorry I had to do it)

Thanks Brandon.