EBay Addition: Jesse Carlson

The second card in the lot from EBay. Jesse it appears is already out of baseball after being released last year by the Red Sox.


EBay Addition: Dustin McGowan

I was meandering through EBay last week and found someone had posted a lot of new Signed 2008 Ginters. I contacted them and was able to get three of them combine with shipping for under 8.00. The first of which was Dustin McGowan. All three of them have nice signatures, I like the placement of this one and the add number.


TTM Return: John Lackey

The successes for the 2008 Allen and Ginter set has been slow lately. Mr. Lackey keeps the dream alive with this return. He also signed and returned a 2009 Ginter as well.

Thanks John!


TTM Return: Justin Masterson

It has been a while since I have been able to post any progress on the 2008 Ginter set. Lately I have been having more success moving my 2012 Olympic Hopefuls set forward. If you didn't know already, I am starting the Olympic set. I created a new blog for it for organizational reasons, take a look if your interested.

Is it just me, or does Justin look like the young version of Dr. Graham from Field of Dreams?

Thanks Justin!