Grande Contest: Trevor Hoffman

As many of you know Grand Moff Nachos is having a blogging contest. Me, not having the skills of a scribe, unwisely entered. My first entry tried to even the odds by (badly) using a limerick to offset the lack of linguistic skills.

When the next challenge was presented and the gauntlet stuck the face, I was again behind the eight ball. My first thought was, WWNOD (What would night owl do?). He would undoubtedly pull out some really interesting cards relating to this shot, or Trevor and tell us a story worthy of Vin Scully and Farmer Johns hot dogs. That my friends, is not in the realm of possibility here.  Even if I liked Vin Scully.

I though about spoofing this card, and presenting other Padre cards in the set and telling the story about how Mr. Hoffman captured the shot. This never happened.

I thought about writing about how Trevor Hoffman and Randy Johnson should shoot a McDonalds commercial reminiscent of Jordan/Bird "Nothing but net". Perhaps, "Roof top, telephoto, beach shot....nothing but moon light"

In the end, I thought I would simply provide a "pick your caption" poll.

Best Caption
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Contest post for Nachos Grande's blog


Grande Contest - Danny Young

Danny a young deputy of the law
whose intelligence won't leave you in awe.
Has earn the trust of many
but having worked for Lennie
Said, "Great now the Police will look at Moi"

Contest post for Nachos Grande's blog


EBay Addition: Juan Pierre

The last card I picked up on the three card EBay purchase was Juan Pierre. Yes, Juan Pierre, the subject of my latest TTM success. The very day after I had purchased this lot, I received Mr. Pierre's TTM success in the mail.

Now, I am not sure what to do with this card. I know that there are people out there that may want this card, but how to part with it. I could trade it, but two things stop me. One, it is an EBay signature. I am fine with not knowing how authentic it is, but others may not be. Two, I would want to trade it for another Signed 2008 Allen and Ginter card, and how many people have those laying around waiting for trade bait.

I am favoring a contest, but the creative contest juices are not flowing. I was holding off on this post until such a time that I would have a fantastic contest all planned out, but it was taking too long.

So stay tuned for the up coming contest.