Trade: Play at the plate

A special thanks to Play at the plate for initializing this trade. I actually feel like I should send another package, I think I got the lion share of this deal.

2002 Upper Deck Victory - Steve Finley

2002 Topps Pristine - Curt Schilling

2009 Topps Chrome - Max Scherzer (X-Fractor)

2002 Upper Deck - Matt Williams - UD Plus (Hobby)

2002 Leaf - Byung-Hyun Kim (League of Nations) - 7
2009 Upper Deck Icons - Stephen Drew - 95

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone - Luis Gonzalez (Piece of Action Milestone) - LG

2002 Fleer Genuine - Curt Schilling (Genuine Leaders) - 8

2002 Fleer - Randy Johnson (Golden Memories) - 6

2002 Fleer Focus JE - Randy Johnson (K Corps) - 2

2002 UD Authentics - Randy Johnson (1989 Flashbacks)

2004 Topps Chrome - Carlos Baerga (Red X-Fractor)

2008 Bowman - Stephen Drew

1989 Score - Bo Jackson (Football / Baseball) - 697

This and the following Clark card were the original cards that was mentioned in the trade. All the previous cards were a surprise, D-back goodness.

I remember in Junior High, winning a poster of this image as a prize for a fundraiser. Not only a cool shot, but now it is a iconic image from my past.

1987 Topps - Will Clark - 420

Thank you very much for the cards, and for helping knock a couple more 2010 goals off my list!


My best pull in recent memory

OK, I will try to keep the story short. I sat down with my Junior web developer today for a meeting on our current projected and after a short while I realized what was missing, lunch. So I suggested we do the development meeting over tacos. In the car our conversation turned to hobbies, so on our way to the "business lunch meeting" we decided to head to a near by Comic and Card shop that she knew about. It was perfect in the fact that she was a comic fan, and I of course love my cards.

While there I noticed that the packs were VERY reasonable which, me being on a budget, is not always a good thing. For under 9 bucks though, I picked up 3 Hobby Packs, a 2010 Topps, a 2007 Topps U&H, and a 2008 Allen & Ginter.

The 2010 Pack yielded my first three Duplicate cards of the year. Three Packs in and I already have three dups. One of them was Pat Neshek so it wasn't so bad. Now I have something offer him when I send him a TTM attempt.

I purchased the 2007 Pack in hopes of getting a First Couples card. Apparently they are one in six. Fortunately I did pick up one. I got Margaret Zachary Taylor. Not to bad so far.

First Couples - Taylor - FC-12

The last pack. 2008 Allen & Ginter Hobby. I bought it because it was half the price of what the hobby store near home charges. I figured I could use the doubles in case some TTM attempt didn't return. As per my habit, I pulled the cards out and looked at side of the stack for a dark thick card indicating a auto or a relic. No such luck, Oh well wasn't expecting anything. The only thing I saw was a light thick card which I assumed was a state card. It wasn't.

2008 Allen & Ginter - Adrian Gonzalez - RC60 - Rip Card

The Rip Card, Like the DNA Hair card, was a card that I have figured I would never own. The Rip Card ended up costing some three odd bucks, and it is beautiful. I like this new card shop.


First taste of the Topps Monopoly.

I don't normally do pack breaks but I felt the 2010 Topps fever from other sites like
It's like having my own cardshop and Night Owl Cards and I had to get a pack or two.

Last night I put together a shopping list for Target for an excuse to see if my local store had the 2010 packs. They did. I picked up two instead of my normal one pack for the occasion of it. I was not disappointed, I think I will attempt to complete this set but don't hold me to that. I didn't LOVE the design but I did really enjoy the packs, if that makes sense.

The First Pack

Joe Nathan - 93

Cody Ross - 148

Pat Neshek - 273

This card made this pack for me. Since attempting TTM requests I have picked up some new favorite players, or at least players that I like. Mr. Neshek is one of those players. I am going to send this card (with some others) this week for a second TTM attempt with him. I normally don't do two attempts with the same player, just my opinion but I think it is a little tacky. But from what I read on his website, he doesn't have a problem with it as long as it is not the same card.

Fernando Martinez - 218

Lance Berkman - 245

Brandon Phillips - 165

Placido Polanco - 263

Photo Day Fun - 27 (Lance Berkman & Mike Hampton)

I had to laugh when I saw this card. It is not the best photo Lance Berkman could hope for. I know they are goofing off, but it does looks a little awkward.

Juan Francicsco - 305 # 1666/2010

I am a little disappointed on the numbering. Last year they had nice gold foil numbers, this year the gold cards are numbered with bubbly black ink. Personally I think it looks cheaper.

Legendary Lineage - LL17 (Cal Ripken & Derek Jeter)

I love the design for this set. I am not a Yankee hater, so I got to say I love the card as a whole. Jeter is not too shabby, and I love Ripken.

Turkey Red Insert - Manny Ramirez - TR12

I am, though, a Dodger hater (No offense to Night Owl and others). Well only since 2000, and it is more of a rivalry thing. I also never really like Manny in Boston. So this card was lost on me.

Topps Town - Josh Hamilton - TTT7

I like the look of these cards this year. They still look like something out of MLB Showdown, but I do like the "platinum" clean look.

The Second Pack

Jon Niese - 249

Bobby Jenks - 242

Andrew Bailey - 236

Adrian Beltre - 189

Josh Butler - 163

Mat Gamel - 151

Yunel Escobar - 146

Zach Duke - 26

Yankees - 269 (checklist)

Topps Town - Ryan Howard - TTT13

Peak Performance - Babe Ruth - PP5

These final two cards really pushed this "experience" over the top. Nothing like pulling vintage players from a retail pack, but the "Babe"? "The sultan of swat"? "The colossus of clout"? "The colossus of clout"? "THE GREAT BAMBINO"?

OK I must apologize for my horrible nod to The Sandlot.

Target Red Back - Jackie Robinson - 4 of 45

This card is by far my favorite from the two packs. I know previously I mentioned hating the Dodgers, but I did say pre-2000 was fine. Plus its Jackie. He is the first ball player that new by name. I remember as a kid having a story book on him, I had the hardest time figuring out why the other players we mean to him. As a kid I couldn't understand why color of skin made people so angry. Not that I understand it now, but I do know more about people and how we can just be stupid as a whole. And I have found that I don't like people much, but individually I can classify some as "Not people". If you are "Not a People" in my book, you're doing good.

As an adult I love and admire the man's character. His meekness and humility. He took a lot more than a normal person could and didn't say a word. He just went to work. I am by no means an expert on the man, but I am an admirer.

As a collector I love getting his cards, but I don't collect him. Mostly because that could get expensive real fast.


Propaganda Cards in, and some trade bait.

This last week I took a big chunk out of my needs list in regards to the 2009 Propaganda cards. I purchased a Lot from e-bay and then a couple individuals from Checkoutmycards.com. When the lot came in from e-bay I actually found that I have a few doubles which are now available for trade if anyone is interested.

Here are the cards ( I will not which I have extra of):

Adam Dunn - PP1

Adrian Gonzalez - PP2

Carlos Quentin - PP6

Chipper Jones - PP7
(1 Available for trade)

David Wright - PP8

Dustin Pedroia - PP9

Evan Longoria - PP10
(1 Available for trade)

Grady Sizemore - PP11
(1 Available for trade)

Ichiro Suzuki
(2 Available for trade)

Andrew Bailey - PP15
(3 Available for trade)

Josh Hamilton - PP18

Mark Teixeira - PP21

Miguel Cabrera - PP22
(2 Available for trade)

Nick Markakis - PP23
(1 Available for trade)

Roy Hallady - PP24
(1 Available for trade)

Todd Helton - PP28
(1 Available for trade)

Vladimir Guerrero - PP29
(2 Available for trade)

This still leaves the following cards on my want list:

PP3, PP4, PP5, PP12, PP13, PP17, PP19, PP20, PP25, PP26, PP27, PP30

Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in any of my duplicates.