EBay Addition: Eugenio Velez

This is the second EBay pickup that came in yesterday. I try to spread the posts out a little bit when I happen to have a couple items come in. However this is Friday and I doubt I will get to it this weekend, so here we go. This card was a little warped, not bad but more than any others I have. The signature is really nice and clean though.

EBay Addition: Bill Hall

I just picked up two more Signed 2008 Allen and Ginter's on Ebay. The first was Bill Hall, I had been watching this one a while before pulling the trigger. Another nice addition and another one crossed off the list.


TTM Return: Garrett Atkins

It is really nice to start getting responses coming in through the mail. The biggest change this time though is I don't open the envelopes. My 7 year old does now. He has sent a couple out and, not knowing whether it is his response or mine, he now gets to open and check. Still waiting for one of his to come back.

Mr Atkins was a very speedy response.

Thanks Garrett!


EBay Addition: Nick Blackburn

I picked this one up the same time as Ryan Garko. I really like this signature. It is crisp, nearly readable and well positioned. When these two came in, my son and I sat down and went through the binder. He is getting into this more and more. A couple weeks ago he sent out his first couple TTM requests. Neither were for his 2008 Ginter set, but he did send out his own cards. Both 2013 opening day cards, Daniel Hudson, and Paul Goldschmidt. It will be a blast to see his face if he gets a return.


EBay Addition: Ryan Garko

The EBay pick ups keep coming.  This Garko auto kinda fades into the image. When it was added to the binder it can almost go unnoticed. Nice to check another off the list


EBay Addition: Austin Kearns

Another pick up on Ebay. I am starting to do this more, I am resigning to the fact that I wont be getting a lot of these in person or the TTM. I still will be attempting that, but if I see cards I can get cheaply on Ebay I am going to pull the trigger.