TTM Return: Kevin Van Dam

Added another non-baseball card to our collection this weekend. Keven Van Dam, is another card I should have sent to a while back, he is known to be a good TTM signer.

Thanks Kevin!


TTM Return: Andrew "William Ocean" Litz

Yet another card that should have been sent a long time ago. Litz has a good record for TTM successes. I had to do a you tube search to really see what he is about, and I would recommend it. Pretty entertaining.

Thanks Andrew!


TTM Return: Mark Spitz

Here is another return that I should have attempted long ago. I have seen many signed Mark Spitz cards but never sent an attempt myself. There seems to be a couple cards like this that I need to jump on. Bruce Jenner was a good signer when I first started, but I think I missed that window as the address others have used is now coming up RTS.

I always enjoy getting the Olympic athletes in this set returned. Spitz seems to favor the vertical signature on these cards, and this is no exception. 

Thanks Mark!