Not a good month

Let me clarify a little bit. Not a good month for this blog. As I mentioned in my last post, my attention has been diverted from this blog for other important things. TTM's have also not been a screaming success. I had my hopes pretty high with my large batch of requests I sent out for spring training but here is what I have received. (Not that I am entitled or anything, please don't get the wrong idea).

My John Elway attempt came back undeliverable. The request was sent to the Pro Football hall of fame, and apparently the address they have on file for Mr. Elway is out dated.

Next, My attempted to Bill Parcells came back. I got a nice letter from the Dolphins apologizing for the fact that their players and coaches are too busy. They sent my son a sticker and a mini banner. Not to shabby, but disappointing nonetheless.

Then came the Alex Rodriguez responce. OK, to clarify, I didn't expect much from ARod. Nothing against the man, but I can imagine that even if he attempted to sign TTM, he would be swamped for a while. I got a responce from Studio Fan Mail from Los Angeles. The sent my card back, and a postcard-ish photo with a pre-fabricated signature. Again, it is a nice gesture, and I am sure it cost him a good deal to make sure that all his letters are responded to. My Ginter collection doesn't grow though, so my greedy disappointment continues.

Finally, I recieved a responce from Curtis Granderson. His response was very similar to Alex Rodriguez. He sent back a post card-ish photo, but this one is hand signed. And he returned my card unsigned.

After recieving this latest blow to my collection attempt (again and it is a wonderful gesture from Granderson, just doesn't help my collection goals), I went on Ebay and bought my first addition to my collection.

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