First Signs of Ginter Pack 2

Moving on the the first retail pack. Also, I will acknowledge that this is very "late to the party", and not filled with "uber hits". That however will not stop me from sharing. I would have said, "slow me down" but I can't have been much slower.

Joe Benson - Base - 144
Derek Jeter - Base - 274

Zach Britton - Base - 63
Willis Tower - World's Tallest Buildings - WTB4
Derek Jeter - What's in a name - WIN52

Igor Stravinsky - Musical Masters Mini - MM14

I am not a huge fan of the "What's in a name" inserts, they feel like they just lack something. The "world's Tallest Buildings" are not bad, but I think my favorite inserts this year will be the "Historical Turning Points".  I really like the Mini's this year, "Musical Masters", "Man's Best Friend, "People of the Bible", and "Giants of the Deep". Too bad I haven't found a good way to store the minis with out using binders.

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