First Cards to be sent

I went through my duplicate cards and picked the first three cards to send out. Being a Diamondback fan first and foremost, the first two cards are Orlando Hudson (now with the Dodgers) and Chris Young (not to be confused with a certain Padre pitcher). The third card is Jered Weaver of the Angels.

Chris Young

He has been struggling of late at the plate, but still has a good bat and can flash the leather. I enjoy watching this man patrol center field.

Orlando Hudson

This is a sneaky way of attempting two Diamondback players (2008) with out sending to the same team twice in one attempt. I really like the O-Dog. Still remember one year on Father's Day a reporter tried to plant a question to one of Craig Counsell's boys, "who is your favorite Diamondback?" expecting to get a nice quote about his father. Instead the son said "Orlando".

This man has the glove too, 3 Gold ones to be exact, in addition to being a two-time all star.

Jered Weaver

I picked 5 cards for my wife to pick from for the last one. She picked Mr. Weaver (I am assuming because he was the only Angel in the group). I don't think she knows he went to her Alma Mater California State University Long Beach. Jered and his brother are both outstanding starters and are fun to watch.


  1. good luck dude.... your going to need it!!

  2. Lol, Yeah it's a little ambitious.