This blog is going to chronicle my attempt to collect the entire set of Topps 2008 Allen and Ginter baseball card set, and get each base card autographed. Just a warning to any who start to follow this blog, I may never complete this. I will however give it my best, whatever that brings.


Obtain the following:

Each Base Card
Each State Card
Each Base Mini Card
Each Ginter Code Card
Each N43 Card
Each Cabinet Card

An Auto for Each Base Card

Method for obtaining cards will be Ebay, Hobby Boxes, and trades.

Method for obtaining autos will be through mail mostly.

Each Step will be posted on this blog.


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog and good luck with your 2008 Allen & Ginter qwest. I have some of the base cards that you still need. 86, 143, 216, 220, 236, 250, 258, 267, 294, 309, 320, 339. Email me at daniel24303@gmail.com if you are interested in a trade.

  2. I am interested in a trade, will be e-mailing you shortly. Thanks for joining.

  3. That is a solid goal. Good luck. If I pick up any random '08 A&G I'll see if it can fill your wants.

  4. Stumbled across your blog today and added it to my blogroll. Good luck with your goal - it'll be fun to watch your progression!

  5. Good luck with the set, my friend!