Sending cards 2010 Week 1

I can't believe that my first regular season attempts will be going out in mid July, but here they are.

Garret Anderson

Mr. Anderson (not played by Keanu Reeves) was a staple for the Angels organization for a while, and was there when I started following them in 2002 (due to my moving to Los Angeles, not so much because of the WS win). This would be a nice additions, well, they all really are.

Melky Cabrera

I actually am sending this one, because I also wanted to send the following card.

Melky Cabrera

I pulled it from a National Chicle pack and thought it would look great signed.

Chris Young

Mr. Young was one of the first cards I attempted when I started this blog. I want to retry. My first attempt may have been handicapped by a could of things. First, I printed the letters from my computer, rather than handwriting them. Second, I had sent the first attempt to Mr. Young when he was demoted to the minors.

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