Secret Santa Gift

I got my Secret Santa (*cough*Waxaholic*) package while at work last week. It was a big surprise as I get about two or three letters/packages a year there. Those usually come from venders in the form of "Suck-Up" Gifts. I sat holding this package wondering, "who knows my work address, let alone my job title" (silly me, I used my work e-mail address, which has a very informative footer, to discuss the Secret Santa arrangement). Upon opening the gift, I knew right away what it was. The contents was as follows:

One pack of 1989 Topps.
One pack of 1991 Donruss.
One pack of 1991 O-Pee-Chee.
and a small giftwrapped package.

I am currently (and lately, weakly) attempting to complete the 1989 Topps set. It's rather fitting that the first Wax I ripped into in 10 years was a pack from that set. Here a the highlights.

What late 80's early 90's set is complete with out Mr. Sierra. I honestly have never seen him play, or know much about him other than the fact that he was very popular when I was collecting in grade school.

Mr. Honeycutt. The Current Dodger Pitching coach. Another face I recognize from my early collecting days.I don't know how Brian pulled it off, but there is probably not another card from the 1989 Topps set I love more than this card. Plus I need this card for the set.

This is another guy that I remember from my earlier collecting days. The sports goggles. Also Another card I needed.

The following all were cards that I need for my set.

Got tired of waiting in the "on deck circle", must have been 3-2 for a while. Either that or he should stick with one doughnut on the bat.Very cool catcher action shot. This is a great looking card.
I am not really sure what these packs were for, but I am not complaining. I like opening packs, I can always use more cards. Here are a couple highlights from the Donruss pack.

Greg Swindell, He was a Diamondback on the '01 world series team, and currently one of my friends on Facebook ( in terms of the Facebook friendship, this little back and forth comes to mind. "what's that make us?" - Lone Starr, "Absolutely nothing! Which is what you are about to become. - Dark Helmet).

I had to laugh when I saw this card. It looks like "take your son to work day". Either that or Augie Ojeda standing next to ex-teammate Adam Dunn.

The world series logo on the bottom caught my eye. Nice little sub-card, I like the history.

Wait, is that Sabo again? Can't be he doesn't have the googles.

No Donruss pack would be complete with out a Puzzle card. This one has a wee bit of wax attached. For Authenticity of course.

This was the first O-Pee-Chee pack I have ever ripped open. It brings a tear to the eye don't it. You got to share in one of life's milestones with me. Is the joking pretty thick? I am sorry, my creative juices are completely wiped clean from my brain, I am fighting a cold and my mind and energy was zapped a long time ago.

The pack was full of big names:

Now for the Gift wrapped package finale. Inside where three cards.

The second of these cards I have received in a week. I love it, I do. I will take as many of these cards as I can get. What is not to love. Chad Tracey, Bat Relic, and a 2007 Ginter? Absolutely awesome.

This comes from the 2009 set. Mr Scherzer, Mr. Tiger. Our loss, and we will miss you. A class act, and gentleman. I hope he does well. Still a favorite of mine and I will continue to look for his cards. Nice Auto!

And now for the Pièce de résistance. I actually have two cards very similar to this, when I saw the card I thought I now had three. On second glance I realized it was VERY different. You see, my original two were bat relics. This one, is much better.

A Luis Gonzalez Bat Relic "On Card" Auto. I think Brian did good. He did really good. Thanks Santa!


  1. you're welcome. the whole secret part doesn't work too wel when the Post Office forces you to put a return address and name on any package going across the border, but we can pretend, right?

    and yeah, I almost liked that Gonzalez card too much to send it away. i must track down more cards from that set.

  2. Wow! As a fellow D-Backs fan, I am jealous! That is an awesome Secret Santa package!

  3. lol i taught about not putting a return addy but then taught crap if i don't watch it get lost.... so i did.. Great package!!