Off Topic: What is the deal with Topps Vending Boxes?

I stopped by the card shop and picked up my second 1989 Topps Vending box in hopes to put a big dent in the cards I still need to complete the set. I purchased a Vending box earlier to jump the collection, I assumed another 500 cards would yield a decent amount of cards that I need. Well it was uncanny how many cards I already had. Almost so that I have a suspicion that one of two things happened. One, the vending boxes (both from the same place) were not unsearched, or two that all vending boxes are not random as I initially thought, but contain the same cards. Out of 500 cards I got an impressive 7 new cards for my set. Keep in mind the set comes solely from the first vending box and one pack that came from my Secret Santa (give or take a couple cards from you fine fokes).

The only good thing that will come out of it, is that 1,000,000 cards for kids will be getting some donated cards. A great idea by the way, check it out if you haven't already.

So does anyone have any ideas? Am I just THAT unlucky?


  1. From my limited experience with vending boxes it's both. Everything (wax and vending) I've bought on line or in stores from that era has been searched. Before I moved in May some friends and I ripped several boxes of '89 Fleer and '87 Donruss so I wouldn't have to carry them with. The odds say we'd pull something fun but we got NONE of the key RCs. Not a single one. Even if you got your box from honest folks, they might have gotten it 15 years ago from dishonest ones.

    On top of that, vending box collation seems to be poor at best. I've even had vending boxes that had runs of cards repeated in order two or three times. I mean, I would have been stoked to have 3 Dr. K RCs in the box. 3 Tom Brookens? Not so much.

  2. for the love of the gods, who would search '89 Topps?
    and what were they looking for?

  3. Terrible collation is not a new phenomenon, and as I recall the vending boxes were very easy to search & reseal.

  4. @Captain Canuck

    In 1989, those boxes would have definitely been worth searching for the Gregg Jefferies and Gary Sheffield cards (and whatever the other hot cards of the day were.)

  5. The cards that seem to be missing (that I know of) where the Griffey's, Grace's, and Sabo's. Out of both boxes I got 1 Sheffield each.

  6. you guys are funny...89 Topps god that set was awful back then.... i still love the all-star card tho