Another Gem TTM Success

Well, I have pretty much given up on TTM until spring training. That being said, TTM hasn't entirely given up on me. Another friendly letter arrived in out mail box last week.

I had sent an attempt to Stevie Williams to an address in California in September. The letter came back from Atlanta, GA on the 12th of this month. Like Scherzer, Mr. Williams sent back an extra card. He signed one for My oldest son Jayden, and another for my 1 year old Benjamin. In addition he also sent each one a Decal Sticker.

Its hard to describe what it means to me to get responses like this. He went out of his way to supply a second card for a family he doesn't know and will most likely never meet. The situation being that his kindness was directed at my boys makes a big softy of a Daddy very happy.

Oh and I love the ball point pen signature. Don't get me wrong, the best looking is the blue Sharpie, but the ball point pens just seem really down to earth. They feel very authentic.

On Jayden's card we even got a partial finger print. Talk about authentication.

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