The Eleventh TTM Success the Year

The first response from the Blogger Edition cards. I have actually had a lot to post lately but no time to do it. It is fitting that the first TTM success is the first custom card created for the set.

Alfredo "Wicked" Ortega is the Author of My Past Time... ... . I Love It!! According to his blog, "He's a lover not a fighter...but he's also a fighter so don't get any ideas." I think some of his most memorable blog post, to me, have been the following:

The Hobby box on the Dashboard photo's while driving back from the Card Shop.

The Attic find, 1 2 and 3.

The Virgil Trucks autos


The Auto Ball Wall

I am sure I missed a number of great post worthy of that list. Let me know, which ones you would add.

If you want to print a card of the 2009 Trader of the Year, below is the PDF print file.

Print File:

Click here for PDF Download.

Thanks Brian.

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