Sending Cards 2010 round 5

Here we go again. I got back a TTM success yesterday. It was non-baseball, you can see it here. Here are four more out going. Hopefully all of these attempts will make for a good month down the road.

Ben Sheets

I think this is my first attempt with a horizontal card. There is not a lot of successes posted online about Mr. Sheets, but there are some.

Clay Buccholz

Buccholz is another guy that is hard to get a handle on in terms of TTM success. There are a lot of mixed reviews as to if he signs. There are some claiming no response, others with successes.

Prince Fielder

This one is a shot in the dark. More often than not, Fielder is said to not sign TTM. There are some claimed success but they are older.

Steve Holm

Steve currently plays in for the Giants minor league in Modesto. Holm has a good TTM record. I look forward to his return, if he would be so kind

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