New unexpected autograph

Yesterday I was in the office of one of our Marketing Directors, and I noticed an autographed baseball off in the corner of his office. Our company often has celebrities and pro athletes stopping by for one reason or another, and all the "goodies" go through marketing. The first week I started I was given a ball with triple signatures from some Boston Red Sox players who has just stopped by.

I asked him who signed his ball, and when they had been in. I usually hide in my office and have no clue who comes or goes. He told me that he had no idea who it was, but that I should have the ball as it would mean more to me than to him. The Director has been in my office numerous times and knows that I am a huge baseball fan.

I happily agreed and thanked him. When I eventually got back to my office I researched the autograph and found that it was Tommy Hanson of the Atlanta Braves. I am still pretty excited at the random stroke of luck, and hope now that we have had this conversation that more autographed baseball items end up coming my way. I noticed in the hall that in addition to the Red Sox trio that came by, there are also memorabilia from Barry Bonds, and Andrew Jones. I don't think that was recent and he didn't have any extra from those meetings, but there is always tomorrow right?

A little information on the Red Sox ball. When I first got this ball, I was not told who had signed it either. After some research online I found out that the signatures are as follows in order of top to bottom;

Alex Cora
Jacoby Ellsbury
Craig Hansen

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