Off topic: Birthday score

Well this is a first. I am late for a birthday. Well that is not the first though, the first comes from the fact that it is my birthday I am late for. I was hoping to get this post off before the date changed but I am too late.

Yes, yesterday the 28th was my birthday. It was not the kindest birthday I ever had but luck found a way to cut through the crap that was threatening to ruin the day completely and gave me a glimmer of happiness.

I drove to Anaheim for the free admission to Disneyland for my birthday. I drove alone. My mission was not to get the actual day free, but use the free day to get an annual pass at a discounted rate. (long story, which is beside the point).

On the return trip I stopped off at the Wal-Mart by the park and picked up two Topps Updates & Highlights packs. I have been buying these packs solely to get the Chris Speakman's Propaganda cards. Well, The first pack had the Vladimir Guerrero card (PP29).

Not bad, in Anaheim pick up the Angel card, I can go with that. I cracked the second pack and I got the Andrew Bailey card (PP15).

Wow, 2 for 2. with the odds 1:6. Another notable mention is that I also pulled the Justin Upton All-Star card (UH38).

Pretty happy with my day by this time, but when I get home I realize that I needed to run to Target to return a couple things from the Black Friday shopping trip. While there I grab one last pack of Updates & Highlights. This pack yields a third Propaganda card, Roy Halladay (PP24).

All in all, 3 for 3 of the wanted inserts and a annual pass to Disneyland amidst a pretty crappy day. I will immerse myself in the happy place that is pulling a wanted card (cubed) and go to bed happy. Sound like a plan?

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