2010 Ginter blaster, Errors and Mayhem

The other day I went out on a limb and got another 2010 Allen and Ginter Blaster box. It seems that the blasters usually have a hit or something good, so I wanted to see what I could get. My son was with me so I let him pick the box, he has never steered me wrong yet. When it was all said and done, his record remains intact.

Looking at the numbers, the following is what I should expect from 8 packs.

4 Short Print (1:2)
0-1 Sketch card (1:10)
0-1 Mini Short Print (1:13)
1-2 Ginter Back Mini (1:5)
0-1 Black-Bordered Mini (1:10)
0-1 "Worlds biggest" Mini (1:12)
0-1 "Lords of Olympus" Mini (1:12)
0-1 "Monsters of the Mesozoic" Mini (1:12)
1 "National Animals" Mini (1:8)

I completely blew the odds away with the following haul

10 Short Prints (better than 1:1)
2 Sketch cards (1:4 box odds)
1 Mini Short Print (1:8 box odds)
2 Ginter Back Mini (1:4 box odds)
1 Black-Bordered Mini (1:8 box odds)
1 Olympus mini (1:8 box odds)
1 Monsters Mini (1:8 box odds)
1 Animals Mini (1:8 box odds)

Plus a Relic. It was an Ichiro. No, not a Jersey, it was a bat card.

Why is this notable? Because after a search online, I found out Topps didn't make an Ichiro Bat card. I checked the card again, and it does say that is a Jersey card, but the relic is obviously a bat.

I called Topps (I had some time on my hands) to check it out, and they were not much help. I can't expect the customer service representative to have a vast knowledge on what was or was not released, but their answer was that the print was the error. They said that it simply should have said "Bat" not "Jersey". This doesn't sound correct to me, since the vast amount of 2010 Allen & Ginter Ichiro Relic cards on the web are Jerseys it seems to me the error is the wood. Why does this matter to me? One it is interesting. Two, Who's bat is it? Oh, and of course the last question, how rare is this or does this happen a lot?

Other notable cards I got in the box were:

Black-border mini Jason Heyward Rookie
Protarchaeopteryx Mini
Poseidon Mini

Oh and the last thing about the box, the cards in the packs didn't hold the same order I have noticed in the regular retail packs. Usually, I find that the first three cards are base. The fourth card is a short print 50% of the time. That is followed by a mini and a "This day in history" card.

The short prints were not in this order. They were found in almost every place in the card order. In fact, one pack had a duplicate short print. The first card in the pack was #348 Betancourt, and the fourth card in the pack was also #348 Betancourt. The blaster actually yielded three Betancourt "short print" cards.

I am not complaining, I will take these odds any day of the week. Like I said before, just very interesting.

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  1. That's a pretty cool error card. Hopefully it is an Ichiro bat relic and not a relic of some other player, but still a pretty interesting card.