TTM Success (since we last spoke)

A lot has happened since my last post. Perhaps the biggest thing, the thing that has made the most impact on my free time, is a new job. Don't get me wrong, my job is amazing, but it also demands so much time.

I have had a couple TTM Success' since my last post over a year ago, and those returns have been exciting. I felt the need to pull out the blog, blow the dust off and share.

The first response I will present is Andre Ethier. This response took a while, but I am glad it came back. I am far from a Dodger fan as many people know, but I am a baseball fan and am excited to have this in my collection.

Thanks Andre!


  1. Welcome back homie!! Good to see you blogging again!

  2. Thank goodness you FINALLY got that ugly mug off the top of your page.

  3. Glad to have you back blogging!

  4. Thanks guys. Can't believe it has been this long.