Sending cards 2012 - Round One

Sending out my first cards since 2010. One of the individuals in this attempt, I have sent out before. The other is a shot in the dark, but is the new home town star.

Albert Pujols

Albert is the new star in town, and finally got the Home Run monkey off his back recently. I hope to take the family to see a Diamondbacks vs Angels soon, maybe get a peek at the home run swing. It will be fun to see him play in person

Orlando Hudson

I attempted Mr. Hudson earlier, actually I think it was even my first TTM attempt. I thought I would try again. I love Hudson's personality, especially when he is on a mic.


  1. I don't think O-Dog will sign that one. I guess the pic is of Alberto Callaspo not him.


  2. I hope that is not the case, but I do see the possibility of that being Callaspo. I have not heard of this being an error, the artistic nature of the image makes it hard to be sure.