Off topic: Back from the Card shop

I finally completed the transaction and picked up my Allen & Ginter cards to complete my set. As my luck would have it, after putting all the new cards in to my binder I found that I still need some base cards. Four to be exact #'s 84, 131, 163, and 187 (I just noticed two of those are not in my binder because my only cards of them are autographed, Bonnie Blair and Les Miles). My first reaction was that the card shop screwed me again, but after looking at my check list, three of the four cards were not on it. My fault. Darn it, I love blaming someone else. So as it ended up all in all, I got most of my set completed, plus over 30 cards I already had from them, and I am left four shy of having the complete 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter base set.

A couple noteworthy things to mention after this trip to the card shop.

The first was, I think the owner felt bad about how this deal went down. He didn't go as far as apologize right out, but he was nicer than I have ever seen him. In addition, he threw in a couple free packs and some supplies I needed. Nothing big, but a token at any rate.

Secondly, I am a sucker for the 2007 Bowman's best. The shop sells a pack for 11.00, and every time I am in there (OK the last 3 times) I have picked up a pack. I am itching for an Autograph rookie of either Mark Reynolds, or Justin Upton. So far out of three packs I have gotten one auto, that of Fred Lewis. My odds are about 3 out of 5 packs will have an auto. I am 1 for 3, and the one pack that my son picked out for me had the auto. By the way, he is 2 for 2, he also picked a pack for 2009 Ginters that had an Auto of Loren Opstedahl.

I mention the Bowman's Best, because in the pack I got a Diamondback prospect I have never heard of (Andrew Fie, #477/499), and a base of Carl Crawford. I have two blogging buddies, that may be interested in that card (Cough..Troll & Paul). I can't pick favorites so the first to comment, or e-mail that he needs it gets the card.

Lastly, I had mentioned that I was going to start collecting the 1988 Topps baseball set, but while I was there (as my luck would have it), they had vending boxes of 1987, and 1989. So instead of purchasing a 1988 vending box on ebay for 12-15 dollars, I pick up a 1989 for 5 bucks. 1989 it is. Now if I can scrounge enough money for the sleeves and the binder I will be all set.

I will create a want list in the next couple of days. It should include 1989 Topps, 2008 A&G (Base, State, and Box Toppers).


  1. I appreciate you thinking of me with that Crawford card, but I do actually have one already. I actually have a double, so if two people try and claim yours, send them my way. It is a pretty amazing card-I had never seen Bowman Best packs before...at 11 bucks a pack that explains why it is such a sweet card!

  2. Auto of Loren Opstedahl I'll take it off your hands... let me know...

  3. WickedOrtega, We may just have to have "a player to be named later" sorta deal. I will mail it out soon. Can me e-mail me your address again just to be sure I have it?

  4. did you get my email?? if not hit me up.... Wicked4life20@hotmail.com