Unexpected Ginter Success

The mailbox has been quiet for sometime. I expected it to be dried up, but today we received a letter in my handwriting.

It was from Bonnie Blair, the 5x Olympic Gold Medal winning speed skater. I mentioned in the past that she was my all-time favorite Olympian. She sent the card back signed, but also included two signed postcards. On the back of the card it reads;

Bonnie Blair
500m- Gold Medal - Calgary
1000m- Bronze Medal - Calgary
500m- Gold Medal - Albertville
1000m- Gold Medal - Albertville
500m- Gold Medal - Lillehammer
1000m- Gold Medal - Lillehammer

I am most grateful for your interest and support. Thank you

Mrs. Blair has always seemed to be a class act. She is a good TTM signer, and she is extremely humble and grateful to her fans.

Thanks Bonnie!