Sending cards (week 9)

Dare I say week 9? I can't really pretend that I have been actively sending cards can I? Well, after being emboldened by a couple successes lately I got around to sending out some more cards. One of the reasons, among many, that I have not sent any out lately has been the unknown of the off season. Do players sign in the off season? Do cards sent to the team even get to the players before spring training, if then? I thought I would at least try.

Oh, and I was just reviewing my last batch of sent cards, and noticed that the week had a 100% success rate. I think that is a first.

After scouring my cards trying to see which cards to send I set aside these cards.

Jose Reyes

The Mets are a team that I have been starting to gravitate toward. They are slowly approaching "Angels status" with me. A fall back team, a team I can turn to to watch a game. Not a team that I care enough to actively follow and emotionally invest in, but a team which has my favor from time to time. As a kid sorting through my baseball cards the Mets were one of my favorite teams. At the time I was jumping back and forth between Dodgers and Giants (I know, I should have hated myself, and beat myself up in dark alleys. You can't blame me though, I was a kid with my only connection to the sport was cardboard. I knew nothing of rivalry's). But the Mets always caught my attention. To be honest, it was the colors and the logo. Hey marketing works, who knew.

Casey Kotchman

Strange, were we just talking about the Angels, because here is one. Well not any more, but he was one. Now he is with the Braves Red Sox. This actually reminds me of something I was wondering. Would you rather play your whole career with one team that is a perennial non-contender, or would you prefer to bounce around year after year to teams that may or may not play post-season ball? (Not that Casey is in either category, just a random thought from a mind full of them)
Kelly Johnson

I don't know much about Mr. Johnson. But hey, NL Player of the week in his rookie year is nothing to shake a stick at. You could, but you would look funny doing it.

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  1. I'd be surprised if the team actually fowards the letters, but I guess you never know.