Package from the Desert

DKWilson of "It's like having my own Card Shop" blog sent a fantastic package to me this week. He sent a couple '89 Topps cards that I needed, as well as almost all of my missing A&G State cards. Here are a couple of the cards that he sent.

A SPAM loving Philly from the great state of Hawaii.

Many have argued on message boards and blogs that this man should have been the Cy Young this year.

"This man can hit," - king of the obvious (2009)

Ian Snell, Scanned this card because...well, the man signed a card for me TTM. I seem to notice his cards more now.

O-Dawg! I really like this guy. A multi-gold glove winner if I am not mistaken, and quite a character on and off the field. Just an example of how much I am a fan of Hudson, he is a Dodger...and I STILL like him.

Now, the wonderful lot of cards that was sent was great, but the real treasure in this package was the DVD. He sent me a DVD that documents the first 10 years of the organization. It looks to be sponsored by Fry's a dominant grocery store (and electronic store I believe) in the phoenix area. The DVD was such a fun watch, my favorite bonus feature was on Orlando Hudson (above) wearing a jersey mike. I am assuming he wasn't hamming it up for the mike, but he was a riot. The best part was him and a couple other infielders approaching Brandon Webb on the mound.
"how ya doing?" Hudson,
"Good." Webb
"Why you breathing hard?"
Ok maybe a "you had to have been there" moment, but I found it pretty funny.

Thanks DKWilson! Sorry it took so long to post.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the DVD! The part between Hudson and Webb was pretty funny! Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!