Final catch-up TTM

The final card that I received back was such a surprise. Each card I receive back is special and appreciated don't get me wrong, but some responses are really unexpected and amazing.

When trying to decide who to send the Albert Einstein card, I settled on Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory) for his portrayal of a genius experimental physicist on Television. The Big Bang Theory has got to by my favorite show on the air, so I had to send the card out even though it was a "shot in the dark".

I didn't want to simply send the Einstein card and not have a Sheldon card signed, so I created a custom card. I send a few of the custom cards with the hopes of having one returned signed and the rest for him to keep. He sent them all back signed.

Thank you Jim!


  1. dO YOU HAVE ANY EXTRAS? Would love to add him to my collection!!

  2. Great card, good job. Have you done other customs?

  3. I did some custom Blogger cards. This one, and one of bob feller. All customs should have a file attached so anyone can print them. If not, let me know.