Off topic: Contest spoils

My mailbox has been relatively inactive, save for the bills pouring in. Two Philly returns that were not returns, and a return to sender, and beyond that we got nothing. Today I found a package not from a TTM return but a fellow blogger who sent me some cards for getting relatively close to answering his contest question correctly. The package contained 11 cards full of Will Clark goodness, and since my blog has been really slow lately and because I really like the cards, I am going to post all of them.

1990 Topps "NL Leaders" Will Clark #397

This Brings me back to my early days for collecting. Did anyone else remember when you could by a retail box of the 1990 Topps and Donruss at Costco. It was one of the coolest things I can remember, my Mom and Dad buying me at least 4 boxes that year, two of each set.

1995 Pinnacle "Pinnacle Performers" Will Clark #PP11

I was not collecting at this time, so I don't know this set. I apologize for my scanner, it hasn't been scanning well lately. The card has shiny foil look to it, all except the player, the team logo, and the players name.

1997 Upper Deck #229

Will Clark's 12 year statistics cover almost half of the back side of this card. Maybe I am a little old school, but I lean toward a stat filled backs. More information the better.

1999 Fleer Will Clark #198

The scan doesn't quite tell the story with this card. The white outline around Will's name is actually foil, and if the last card had a back full of stats this one trumps it with almost 80% of the cards back filled with 14 years of numbers.

1996 Pinnacle Will Clark "The Naturals" #156

I knew that Will didn't stay a Giant his entire career, but by the time I left collecting and following the sport he was still in San Francisco. It's feels weird seeing him in a Ranger Jersey, but that's just me.

1998 Fleer Traditions Will Clark #241

This is one of the two cards that really jumped out at me in the bunch. I am not sure if I like it or not, but what I do like is that it is different. I like the fact that its not a run of the mill shot. The gold foil for the name makes it hard to read, but I do like photo. It is different and different is good.

1995 Score "Hitters Inc" Will Clark #570

This card definitely journeys into the "Different". The eyes. Again, I like it for breaking out of the box, but the more I look at it, it gets a little creepy.

1990 Fleer "Super Star Specials" Will Clark & Kevin Mitchell #637

I love this card. One, it comes from the years that I was begging my mom and dad for packs of cards. Two, it has the two players I was trying to collect back then. Will Clark was my favorite but Keven Mitchell and Matt Williams followed closely in second. Nice having a card with both of them on it. Hmm, maybe a TTM candidate?

1993 Upper Deck Will Clark #576

This is the classic image of Will Clark I remember, not this card in particular but the crisp white jersy and black hat. I love this card, really brings back great memories.

1990 Upper Deck "National League All Star" Will Clark #50

One of my favorite Clark cards so far. I already received one of these cards from a fellow blogger, but will gladly accept another.

1996 Score "Pitcher Perfect" Will Clark #11 of 15

Absolute favorite of the bunch. How can you not love this card. OK, better question; How can I not love this card. The photo is awesome, as you have noticed in this post I like different, but I especially like this where you get to see more than just baseball, I am not sure I am even adequately expressing myself. Lets just leave it at, I love this card. Plus it has Randy Johnson on a Will Clark card, whats not to love?

Thanks Daniel!


  1. Ok, first of all, I'm super jealous anyone sent out Will Clark cards as a prize and I DIDN'T win. My all-time favorite! The best 5 years of my baseball watching life were the years Will was playing in Texas. I don't know how many games I went to, but I loved watching him play. I love that 93 Upper Deck...rounding 3rd after a Home Run. Very nice.

  2. Sorry about the delay.Glad you enjoyed the cards! I really enjoyed reading your comments on each one.

  3. Brian

    Interesting. We are Clark fans from two different stages of his career. I had fallen away from baseball by the Texas years, you actually probably know more about Clark than I do. When I was following him I heard games on the radio and had cards. That scenario really doesn't open any insight on who a player is.

    I didn't even notice that the card was a home run trought good catch.


    Don't worry about it, I can wait for Will Clark cards. Thank you, they brightened my week.

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    Is the 1990 Upper Deck Will Clark card available for trade?


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