Off topic: Learning the Joys of the Troll Part 1

I have read many blog articles naming the Troll of the blog-o-sphere. After reading the Troll's blog, and corresponding in e-mails I see where the love comes from. Well it also doesn't hurt that the Troll sent me a package of Diamondback cards. Here are a few of the gems.

Justin Upton 2007 Topps 52 Rookies

I love this set, I am not really sure if I can explain why, but I am probably the demographic they released this set for. Growing up there was a certain 1952 rookie card that was iconic to baseball cards. It was unreachable, it was legendary, and it was almost priceless. Now the young stars of today, er of 2007, are available in the same design. I think this is my favorite card the Troll sent.

Adam Dunn 2009 Topps Heritage (Chrome)

Troll said that there would be Shiny Diamondback cards. This is a shiny card, and numbered 430/560. I can't help but to be a fan of the shiny numbered cards.

Conor Jackson 2009 Topps Heritage

I think my collections will be changing soon. Right now I am so overwhelmed with work and family that I don't really have time to sit down and plan it out, but this package from Troll really opened my eyes to what really makes me happy in cardboard. I have always leaned toward set collecting in this hobby, but after getting Diamondback, and Will Clark themed packages in the mail I am taking a second look on what I want to focus on.

Stephen Drew 2007 Bowman Heritage

I was also meaning to ask others in the blog-o-sphere, what happens to TTM attempts after the season ends. I imagine that sending to the team address is just asking for a lengthy wait time. Do most of you wait until spring training to attempt again?

Conor Jackson 2007 Bowman Heritage (Rainbow)

More shiny goodness. Thanks Troll, I really enjoyed this package. I will post another group of cards from this package in a bit. I also love the fact that Troll sent a note with the cards, written on the back of a Tampa Bay Rays desk calendar page. How can you not like a guy that sends fantastic cards, and even uses such cool stationary.

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  1. Hey, glad you liked the cards and great post! I was pretty excited to find a D-Backs fan because I love trading and had a few cards lying around. I toyed with the idea of collecting Justin Upton for a while, but I decided that I had enough Upton cards... I am with you on the demographic comment... That is why I love Topps Heritage and retro cards so much. When we grew up there was one, maybe three different sets each year, as opposed to 6 billion now, so you really got to know the designs of the past and dream about that '52 Mantle card you would never have... As for TTMs. I sent out over 300 this year and got like 30 back. They are probably in the trash now, but players do go to their stadiums for events and fan fests, so there is a chance. During the off season of baseball most seek football and other sports or concentrate on retired players...great blog, good luck!!!