Off topic: Special Augie Mail Call

Coming off of that last post comes a more positive one. A friend of mine sent me a package that has brightened my month (at least). I met Mrs. Addington on facebook through her Augie Ojeda Facebook fan page. After chatting during many Diamondback games, and seeing her on many televised games with her friends and their signs, we set up a trade. I would send her a hat from the company I work for and she was going to buy me a D-Back batting practice cap, get it signed by Mr. Ojeda.

You see, this past season I have been living vicariously through Mrs. Addington and her friends on Facebook. Every home stand they post pictures of themselves at the pre-game BP with people like, Augie Ojeda, Matt Williams, Clay Zavada, David Eckstein, Mark Grace, oh the envious list goes on. The major point of envy comes from the fact that Augie knows she is his biggest fan and makes a point to see her if he is able. Then on the final home stand of the season, Mr. Ojeda gave Mrs. Addington one of his undamaged game used bat, signed. This woman has connections, or is just a really cool personable lady.

Today I got the package in the mail. Not only did Mrs. Addington send me the hat, she went WAY beyond that. The package included a signed ball, an Augie Ojeda bobblehead (which I had been wanting since he won the honor) also signed, and lastly a stadium giveaway t-shirt from the Luis Gonzales appreciation day at Chase field.

The Ball I think was the first thing that really got my attention from the box. I was surprised to see the wear. I really didn't know what to expect actually, but upon seeing the wear and the "Practice" stamp I put two and two together. Not only did he sign the sweet spot, which is a special ball in and of itself, but he signed the sweet spot right next to the "practice" stamp of a ball he had been batting around. As a Ojeda fan, all I can say is "Priceless".

The next thing that I pulled from the box was the hat. After all it was what I was expecting. When I knew it was coming I started to ponder, "would I wear this hat as a rally cap, or display it." Well the question was soon answered as I put that cap on. It was too big. Having never met, and not knowing my own size this was not a surprise. This will be beautifully displayed in my office at work.

I set the cap down to return to my treasure chest, er box, and my son captured my attention. He had picked the cap up and put it on his three year old head. The sight brought back memories of the O-dawg in the batters box. This hat was too big on daddy and now my smiling little boy was admiring himself in the mirror with it on.

He looked at me and said, "Daddy! It fits, can I have it?"

"One day, but not right now love." I said (ok ok, I am mushy Daddy. I confess)

The next item I pulled from the box was the Bobblehead. I had been looking forward to this release for a while. I actually expected to pay way to much on Ebay for it, but Mr. Addington had take care of that for me. She had REALLY taken care of it, because on the base of the figure was another signature. Actually, after talking to her, she told me that she didn't even get hers signed yet.

The last item I pulled from the box was the T-Shirt. As many of you know, and can see on the right, that Gonzo is one of my all time favorites. Having a small family, and living in Los Angeles it is not possible to get to many... ok any games at chase field. One of the games I missed but would have love to been at was the "Gonzo Appreciation Day" game. Once again, I was in good hands.

April, I know you subscribe to this blog. Even though I told you how freeking awesome you are, Thanks again. You have fit into one box, Memorabilia that overshadows almost all I had before. But I am still jealous of that bat! (please allow me the use of your image below)


  1. Wow! That is amazing! Augie is a really fun player to watch!

  2. David, my awesome and amazing friend and fellow Augie fan, you TOTALLY deserve the things I got for you. I was not only very happy to do this for you, but Augie was very happy to sign the ball, bobblehead, and hat for you too :) Augie is just as awesome and amazing as you are!