TTM Ginter success

After a week or two of nothing, three TTM successes in 2 days. I am crossing my fingers that today's mail call continues the hot streak.

I was really looking forward to this return from Mr. Neshek. Before this blog and this collecting adventure, I didn't really know of him. Yeah, I have been saying that a lot, which is just another aspect of this project that is so enjoyable. Mr. Neshek as it turns out is one of us. He too is a autograph collector and runs his own blog. I had mentioned this when sending the card out, but if you bare with me I will just mention it again. I really enjoyed reading through his blog, my view about the site was that he seemed really down to earth. He really comes off as one of us that just got the blessing to be able to play in the bigs. He gives accounts of what is going on at certain times, like spring training, and what it is like from the players perspective. He even has little bits of information about his signature.

When I got the envelope I notice I had sent two cards and I got three back. I started to wonder if Mr. Neshek had done what Scherzer had done, but when I got to looking I was surprised and instantly confused. He had signed both cards I had sent and then sent me a 1999 Victory Hockey Wayne Gretzky card. Does anyone know why this would be? I first though that he had just mistakenly sent someone's card to me instead of them on accident. This doesn't seem to be the case for two reasons. one, he sent back my correct cards so if he got those correct he probably wouldn't mess up on a third random one. two, who would send Mr. Neshek a Gretzky card to sign. My last assumption is that, in my letter I talk about my son getting interested in sports, so far baseball and football, may he is sending my son an intro into hockey. OK it is a stretch I know. Anyone have a clue or an idea I would love to hear it.

Thanks Pat!


  1. neshek also collects hockey cards, esp hockey autos from what i understand. i'm guessing he is thinning his collection.

  2. That could be, sending some of his collection to people who would appreciate it and give it a good home. I can't complain about a Gretzky (o: I will be introducing the card to my son tonight at bed time.

  3. That is encouraging, it is nice to get a surprise autograph in the mail when you least expect it. Great job and I wish you continued luck.