Off topic: More Will in the Mail

My mail box has been lonely, TTM seems to have dried up lately. I did however receive another package of Will-Goodness from WickedOrtega from My Past Time....... I Love It!! I have to apologize up front, but I will not be able to scan and post every card he sent. Mainly because he sent and amazing amount. I believe that I now have more Will Clark cards than I ever had as a kid, so much so that I believe I will now try to actively collect him (instead of just keep the memories). My second apology is that I am at work currently and do not have the cards in front of me, so I will not be able to accurately name each card by set, year, and card number.

I will be posting cards that I like either by content or cards that I remember as a kid. This is one of them. I started collecting in 1988 but my majority of collecting was between 89-90.

I never had any cards from this Score set, but I LOVED the cartoon style of them and as a kid envied the guy that had the complete set.

Most of my collection (that is still in my parents garage) as a kid was 1990 Topps and Donruss, more Topps that Donruss. This card brings back the most memories.

My first pack of baseball cards, my mom picked up a pack of 1988 Donruss from a Thriftys drug store when I was hope sick from school. I don't remember if clark was in the first pack but he was the card I remember most.

Here is another thought when looking at this set. I got home from school one day to find a wall in my room wallpapered with my baseball cards. My older brother who is oblivious to card collecting thought I would be happy if he taped all my cards to my walls in my room. Fortunately I didn't take any disappointment out on him, even at that age I could see that he really was trying to do something nice. Deep down I was like "what where you thinking?"

I just like this card. Not sure why, but I think it is just one of those "different" cards that is unique.

I really like this card. I have to admit when I first saw this card I was instantly thought of a certain Bo Jackson image.