The cards just keep getting older

I first must start off by apologizing. I never indended to post about every card I get from Topps Million card giveaway, but recently the cards have been so cool.

I have been buying packs way too much this year, one reason is that I actually want to complete the set, and the second reason is because I am addicted to this giveaway. So on the way to work I stopped by Target and picked up two more packs, inside one of them was a code card. It turned out to be this:

The first thing that catches my eye and imidiatly puts me in a good mood is that the card is from 1967. The card is 43 years old. The next thing I do is Google Mr. Cuellar. This just keeps the mood high.

According to the infallable Wikipedia:

He played for 5 teams from 1959 - 1977
(Reds, Cardinals, Astros, Orioles, and Angels)

He was a four time all-star (1967, 1970, 1971, 1974)

He was the AL Cy Young winner in 1969

He won a World Series ring in 1970

He also gave up Harmon Killebrew's 500th career home run.

Topps has got me hooked

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