More 2008 Topps Campaign Match-up Cards

I picked up some more 2008 Topps Series 2 Campaign match-up cards from checkoutmycards.com recently. I am still pretty far of from completing this set, but I will keep plugging along. That is all you can do right? Plus I would rather go slowly, it makes completing it much more gratifying.

Bush vs Gore - HCM - 2000

Please, no political comments about this one. I know this is still a sore spot among many. I am partial to this card because this was the first election I voted in.

Lincoln vs Breckinridge - HCM 1860

One of our greatest presidents. It is surprising to me that I don't know much about his elections. Another great edition to my colleciton

Washington vs Adams - HCM 1792

Another of my favorite presidents. Not so much for his acting as president, but more for his actions as General Washington. The more I read or hear of this man during the revolutionary war, the more I like him.

On the 1989 Topps front, I just completed that set. Well, save for one card. I have this character flaw that when I put together my list of cards I need I inevitably leave out one or two. Anyway after purchasing a bunch from a gentleman on EBay, he contacted me asking if I need more help. After convercing with him VIA e-mail, I ended up purchasing my entire want list from him. I am going to also get the full '88 set as well (plus a certain '89 topps card). If any of you are interested in picking up any cards from Topps '72 - '92, you can check him out: gnadtj@hotmail.com. I am not good on sniffing out deals, so I can't speak for that (although I am not discrediting it either, all I know is; I feel the deal was fair for me), but I can say that I am very happy with my dealings with him, and I recommend him highly.

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