Sending cards (Pre-Spring Training v2)

I have a list of guys I want to send to this spring training. Five went out last post, and here are Four more. That leaves Twelve remaining. I figure that now is a good time to send them, so why not send more than my usual.

Josh Hamilton

Hamilton, The feel good story a little bit ago. I didn't see his home run derby, but I was listening to it on the radio. Yeah, its kinda hard to follow on the air. It sounded impressive.

Grady Sizemore

Don't know much about Sizemore (wow, I should have a hot key for that sentence). He is one of those players that I like and don't know why.

Curtis Granderson

Granderson was completely off my radar until he started blogging on Yahoo Sports. From reading those I have built up a respect for him. He seems humble and very down to earth. I love that in a player.

Troy Tulowitzki

I couldn't stand Tulo, until I started playing 08 MLB The Show. Very addictive game by the way. I created myself in the role-playing mode, and worked my way up to the starting shortstop position for the Diamondbacks. After my rookie season (called up mid season), Arizona goes out and signs Troy. So now I am competing with Stephen Drew, and Troy Tulowitzki. In typical video game fashion, I did win the position but I had to platoon with Troy for almost a full season. Strangely enough I actually started like Tulowitzki from that. It is interesting how that works. My dislike for him had no basis in reality anyway. I have no reason to dislike him personally, it was purely rivalry based. Now I like him, and again its nothing he did. It was a video game.

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