More TTM Success from Mr. Neshek

I sent Pat Neshek another package of cards. I was emboldened by his simple coolness to fans, and that he doesn't seem to mind multiple requests. I sent him Eight cards, two duplicates for him to keep and the rest to sign (Including the mini above). He signed all of them. check out the images here.

He also filled out a small questionnaire:

1. What is it like on the receiving end of a TTM request? Can you give an idea of the volume?

P.N. - "It's about 3-5 letters a day right now ... It goes up a tad during the season. I don't mind"

2. What is your favorite card featuring you?

P.N. - "My 2002 Elizabethton Twins Card. (My) 1st card."

3. In your personal experience with other players, who do you admire the most in regards to being "a good guy" - with fans, with other players, and just in general?

P.N. - "I think guys like Thome and Moyer have been great, being stars and sign a lot"

4. What are your favorite autographs that you have collected?

P.N. - "My H.O.F. baseball collection"

Pat is such a great guy, I hope he has a great comeback season this year.

Thanks Pat.

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