Topps Million Card Loot

Well, like everyone else I pulled out my Topps Million card giveaway codes last night and waited for the website to launch.

I stupidly assumed that it would launch at Midnight on the 15th. I was working late last night anyway, so I had a tab open to the site. I was constantly refreshing the page until I stopped working at 3 am.

The attemps continued the next morning. My youngest son woke me up at 8 am this morning politely asking for milk. Well truth be told, my one year old slept with us last night, and I awoke because he was slapping my forehead saying "Me-elk!" and "Uppa!"

On my way to the Kitchen, while forcing my eyes open, I passed the computer. "Hmm," I thought. I woke the computer up from sleep mode (It wakes so much easier than I do) and refreshed the site. Nothing.

I gave up for a while. I figured that the 15th was more of a suggestion than a set date, so I started working again. As is usually the case, my mouse finds its way to the blog bookmarks on the browser windows and while checking blog posts, I noticed this: "Topps Million Card Give Away is now live..." from the Trade Bait blog.

Oh the journey doesn't end there, but I will spare you the play by play. Lets just say, there must have been a few more people than just me wanting to log on today.

The first card I was awarded was:

Team Leaders - Tigers - 1988

Sweet! I had to laugh at myself when I saw the first card. There are so many things I don't show the same kind of perseverance for. But for the 1988 Tigers Leaders card...I will jump through untold hoops!

Then Came:

Jose Lind - 1993

Last was:

Matt Young - 1987

The browser crashed while loading so I didn't get to take a screen shot of the great moment in baseball card history.

All wrapped up, well so far. I am left with:

Overall though I am actually very happy with what Topps put together. Sure I didn't get anything great, but the whole thing is pretty cool. I would even be happy if it was just a digital card, but hey I am nerdy like that.

I can't image how cumbersome this can be for topps. Not the purchasing the cards, but even the site they put together is actually decent. I was half expecting no card images, but they have front and back, and they link cards by similarities. Not to mention that they have to have a system in place to mail you the cards if or when you request them. Although, after reading the blogs, if it is anything like the redemtion cards my 1993 Jose Lind may end up being a 1990 Jose Uribe.

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