Sending cards (Pre-Spring Training v3)

Continuing on with the spring training batch, while I wait for Topps Million Card Giveaway site to feed my information in amongst the other gazillion request that site must be receiving. Nine cards have already gone out in my spring training onslaught, and here are Four more. That leaves seven remaining.

Dan Haren

Haren and Webb, our new Johnson and Schilling combo. Dan Haren was insane last year, doing what he could to salvage a season riddle with injuries and 8th innings that made men weep. I am too far away and was too busy to cross statelines to get to fan fest, so my only hope is TTM. I will love getting this back.

Evan Longoria

Not really much to say about this one, other than it would be a fabulous addition to the collection.

Joe Nathan

After seeing Donna's success with Mr. Nathan, he crept up my list of "to send to's".

Stephen Drew

The Diamondbacks, AKA the Younger Brothers' squad. Don't get me wrong, I am vary happy with out version of the older siblings. Stephen almost instantly became one of my favorite players, and I am not sure why. Oh, and I love this card by the way. I think its the image. Too bad it is a short print.

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