3rd Ginter TTM Success

We are rolling now. 2nd in as many days. I really need to get the next round of cards sent out. I may not get the next batch out till early next week though, as this weekend we celebrate my youngest son's first birthday. Today I came home and again another return in the mailbox. Happy days. This time it is from Speed Skater Dan Jansen.

Dan Jansen was a hero of mine growing up. Him and Bonny Blair. I loved watching the Winter Olympic games more so than the Summer. Speed Skating, Downhill Skiing, and Figure Skating mostly. the year I most remember was the year that Mr. Jansen and Ms. Blair lead the US team in Lillehammer in 1994. Following that Olympics I sent my first TTM requests to both of them, and each sent back a signed post card. It was one of the coolest things I got as a kid. Following true to form, Mr. Jansen send back his card in speedy fashion. I look forward to sharing stories with my son over this card.

Thanks Dan!

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