Sending cards (insanity edition 1)

Like I said when sending my last batch, its been a crazy week. I have to present progress on my project at work today and my funding and team is dependent on the meeting going well. No pressure, just my teams jobs. Any way. That coupled with lack of sleep, with the Scherzer return must have turned me into a crazy TTM nut. Just look at the group I am sending tomorrow. Dan Haren, Justin Upton, Michael Young, and some obscure player Alex Rodriguez. Delusions of grandeur or just delusions?

Dan Haren

Wow, what can I say about a guy that carried the weight, the dead weight of our team this year. Dan Haren is insanely good (total unbiased analysis there by the way). Can we just clone him and pitch him every night? Why stop there, can he set himself up to close?

Justin Upton

Young kid that plays with confidence that comes from natural ability. Gun for an arm in the out field and hits home runs that are moon shots. He is still young, look out.

Micheal Young

Another Texas Ranger. He was on the field for my son's first game. That will always bring significance to a TTM return.

Alex Rodriguez

Never heard of this guy. It should be a super fast return, this guy couldn't be getting much mail.

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