Off topic: An Angel Fan is "Born"

I sat down tonight with my son, who is currently not feeling to spiffy, and tuned into MLB.TV to watch the Diamondbacks.

I turned to my boy and said, "Do you want to watch the Diamondbacks with Daddy?"


Its to be expected. Thomas the tank engine is playing a foot away on DVD, it's hard to compete with Thomas. But then came the unexpected.

"I want to watch the Angels"

At first I was disappointed, I am trying to breed a D-back fan here. But the disappointment was only for instant, it was quickly followed by a..."wait..really?" I tuned off of the current game and pulled up an archived game of the Diamondbacks playing the Angels, which he sat and watch with me. Hey, the Angel game was over, I gotta get my D-backs in somewhere don't I?

After the intial instant of disappointment, my mind has been making a big deal of it. I like the Angels too, not die hard like my snakes, but I like to relax with an Angel game. I find the Angels relaxing. When I watch the D-backs (the following only takes affect when we are competing), I live and die by the pitch. It can wrack the nerves. When the D-backs lose heartbreaking losses, they are just that, heartbreaking. With the Angels I can watch a baseball game. I can enjoy the atmosphere, the stadium, the game. No longer does my heart sink to my toes when the ball leaves the yard against my team in the top of the 9th (or this season anytime in the 8th).

I now have a new direction. Instead of trying to get my son to be a D-back fan like his Dad, I am now going jump on his Angel bandwagon. More games, more merchandise and more cards. Oh sure I will still be sneaking in my Diamondbacks contraband for my own enjoyment. But the next generation in this house will be wearing Angel Red instead of Sedona.


  1. Angels? D-Backs? Eesh.

    At least it's not Giants and Yankees. But I guess the point is your son wants to watch a ballgame. Yay!

  2. yes! Well the point was also that I need to loosen up a little on which team he is a fan of. It could be worse as you stated. I would include another team to your list, but certain company may be take offense to it, and I think they are good people. (o: