Sending cards (week 5)

The reason for delaying a week to send cards out has been the family budget. When rent and groceries demand the check, TTM takes a back seat. Odd I know.

After seeing TTM Success four times this past 2 weeks, 3 being Ginter, (Davon Drew, Adam Jones, David Wright, and Dan Jansen) I wanted to increase how many I am sending out. This week I have outgoing; Max Scherzer, Ian Snell, Jay Bruce, and Cole Hamels.

Max Scherzer

Being a huge Diamonbacks fan this is a no-brainer. I have been pretty good at holding myself back in this project. I don't want to inundate the Diamondbacks with initial requests, so I have been keeping myself from choosing their players every week. After seeing the success of It's like having my own card shop, I had to give it a try. Scherzer has been exciting to watch as he grows. I actually heard about him first on a Los Angeles sports talk show. One of the host was raving about this young kid in the D-back's farm system, they had an on air contest to see if listeners can spell his name.

Ian Snell

I will not try to pretend I have stories about every MLB ball player in this set. Like some others I know the name but nothing else. Like Adam Jones, I am sending this card because he is in the set but as in Jones' case, I am hoping that because of this project my interest in the players will grow and I will find out more about them. I am very happy that Jones sent his card back and because of it I have started try to find more about him. Being that my bad luck sidelined him for the remainder of the season, its been a little slow.

Jay Bruce

Rookie star. According to Wikipedia, he is known by some fans as "Bruce Almighty". How can you have a nickname like that and not be a swell dude.

Cole Hamels

Mr. Hamels really didn't come on to my radar screen until last post season. Not sure if I am a little slow, but when he became a house hold name is pretty much when I came on board. The post season was good for Hamels. Back to Back post season MVP's and a World Series ring, can't do much better for yourself.

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