Sending cards (week 6)

Not much success this week, I must have used up all my luck last week. Undaunted, we go to the mail box again this week sending out 5 cards. Joey Chestnut, Paul Lo Duca, Derrek Lee, Stevie Williams and Adrian Beltre.

Joey Chestnut

Mostly what I know of this guy is that he can eat a lot more than I can. The Nathan's Hot Dog eating champ will be a nice addition to my collecting if I get this back. I am not sure why but this card is almost the "face" of this set to me. Not sure if its because it is on the hobby box or not, but its one of the first cards I think of when I think '08 ginter.

Paul Lo Duca

Nightowl probably knows a heck of a lot more about Lo Duca than I do. Another great catcher to be born in the Dodger organization.

Derrek Lee

I love the look of this card. I think its the blue, for some reason the blue on this card really makes it pop. Plus you can't beat the pose.

Stevie Williams

Owner and Founder of DGK Skateboards. I really wasn't into skateboarding growing up, but I do have respect for anyone that can do it. The closest I came was to try snowboarding once. I wasn't the most graceful individual on the mountain that day let me tell you.

Adrian Beltre

Two time gold glove winner for the Mariners. The Ex-Dodger also won a Silver in 2004.

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