Off topic: First TTM Success

2009 Score Davon Drew RC

Apparently the card is misspelled, luckily I caught that before I sent the request. This is not the TTM card you are expecting as I didn't mention I also sent Football cards out. In my second set of cards I sent out I started to send a couple rookie cards from the 2009 score set that I have been picking up on my retail outings. I figured that Football being in training camps may help the returns and sending out a few rookie cards wouldn't hurt.

I sent out Mr. Drew's request on the August 8th, and received it on the 29th. 21 days in total. I really like the signature in ball point pen, and the #83 inscription, it really seemed down to earth. I can't imagine the workload these guys have, I appreciate that they take the time to respond to requests like this.

Thanks Davon!

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