Off topic Mailbag: Thank you Paul

Got in yesterday and I had a package waiting for me. Paul from Carl Crawford Cards had sent me some Will Clark and Luis Gonzalez cards for my collection. I had not collected or even looked at an older 80's Will Clark card since I was a kid living in the late 80's.

The memories and feelings flooded back. Something about Will Clark in his crisp white jersey and black cap just reminded me of times past. Begging my mom to add a pack of Topps or Donruss cards to the cart while we were shopping. Then coming home hoping to get a Will Clark, Matt Williams, Kevin Mitchell, Orel Hershiser (yes, as a kid I didn't know that you can't be a Giants/Dodger fan), Mark McGuire, or a Jose Conseco card. My favorite to get and to store was Will Clark.

I started collecting in 1988, but really got into it in '89 and '90. When the "Battle of the bay" series was going on I sided with the Giants, not ever sure why now. Started to collect the Giants, Will Clark was my all-time favorite, but Matt Williams, and Kevin Mitchell were up there. It even escillated to the point where my Dad drove the whole family about three house to the Bay area to watch the Giants at Candlestick park take on Ozzie and the Cardinals for my first game. I looked it up at Baseball-almanac.com you can see the box score here, and apparently it was May 7th 1989. The Giants pitcher Don Robinson hit a home run, as did Kevin Mitchell and my hero, Clark went 0-4.

Well I could go on all night, but I just want to say; "Thank you Carl" The cards brought me back.

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! I finally found the other Gonzo I told you about, so that'll go out late next week when I get back in town.

    Have a good one, and thanks for the shout out!