Off topic: Ginter Disapointment

I stopped in to Target to get my card fix, I have been buying Score football packs. I got hooked last year, they are cheap and I really like the designs. Anyway. I walked in and saw a sizable amount of 2008 Ginter retail packs which were marked down to $1.59 a pack. I grabbed the ten packs that they had and quickly paid for them. When I got to my car I started to open them as I usually do with my retail fixes.

The retail packs are said to contain 6 cards, and I am not sure if that includes the mini or not. The first pack contained 5 cards. No mini, no state. No big deal I have had dud packs before. I opened the second back. 5 base. The third pack, 5 base. The fourth pack, 4 base. Out of the first 4 packs I got no mini's and one state card. I started to feel the remaining packs and they all felt very thin. By this time my treasure started to feel like a swindle.

I am curious what others might do? Would you look at it as a case of "You got what you paid for"? Would you call Topps for replacements? In addition to these question I am wondering: Tampered Packs, or the left overs from a year of pack searchers?


  1. I would have walked right back into that Target and straight to customer service. Maybe they will be jerks and won;t do anything for you, but it seems like it would be worth your time to find out.

  2. I would contact Topps. You might have to send in the wrappers but I have had similar situations happen in the past and they have been pretty good about fixing it. It's worth a try.