Sending cards (week 3)

Going out this week are, Roy Oswalt, Adam Jones, and David Eckstein. Getting to the local mail shop to send these, and my trades out has been difficult this week. For those I am trading with I apologize, I really am much better than this on getting cards out.

Roy Oswalt

This gentleman has impressed me for the longest time. I may be crazy but he seems like one of the best pitchers rarely talked about. I hear a lot about Webb, Peavy, Young, Haren, Lincecum, Halladay (only recently), and Sabathia But very rarely do I hear much talk about Oswalt. In addition to that, he doesn't cause much stir with his actions either, just seems to go about his business quietly. Feel free to correct me, just my observations.

Adam Jones

I have to admit I don't know much about Mr. Jones. I have heard the name, but honestly I am a west coast guy and I really follow the O's that much. It will be nice to have an auto of the last guy to hit a triple in Yankee stadium in my collection though.

David Eckstein

When I moved from Phoenix to Southern California in '02 I missed listening to baseball on the radio so I started following the Angels. I didn't look to the Dodgers because I felt it would require too much soul searching become fans of two teams in the same division. David was the first to catch my eye on that 2002 Angels team. One because we have the same first name, stupid I know please forgive me. Second, because he was scrappy. I liked that he didn't earn his presence in the big show by carrying a big stick, he was fast, he got dirty, and I just really enjoyed watching the man work.


  1. Love Adam Jones too..where do you get these cards?

  2. I recently picked up a pack of Allen and Ginter 2008's at a hobby store, but you can get the 2009's at Target.