I wanted to bring attention to a blog that gave inspiration for what I want to do. A while back, I am not even sure how long, I read an article on Yahoo! Sports that brought attention to a blog that was attempting to get each card of the 1983 Fleer set autographed (visit the blog here). When I was trying to figure out what I would blog about, I thought of this great blog, and decided that I would do my own attempt but using the Allen and Ginter set which was a big reason why I started collecting again.

The Allen and Ginter's design also lends itself very well to autographs with its minimalistic design. in addition, with it being such a popular brand, finding resources to collect all the elements that I am planning on is much easier.

I wanted to post the origin of this blog, and give credit where it is most due. I wish the 83F Project the best of luck, and I only hope I can have the same success that it has had.

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