Off topic: My Son's first game

I took my son to an Angel game today. It didn't last long (2 1/2 innings), as he is still pretty young and it was hot, but it still was an experience. What it did for me was to bring reality back into the game by proximity. Watching on TV, seeing players on Baseball cards, or seeing box scores has really taken the reality out of the game for me. I didn't even notice it was happening. The players become immortalized, larger than life. The game feels more simulated, almost like a computer game. But to go today and see the grass, watch pitchers warm up, and to hear the ball pounding the catchers mitt really grounded me.

These are young men, not unlike myself (other than they actually have talent) that go out and physically throw a ball past another young man that is trying to hit it. Real men, humans. I know this is all stuff I knew before, it's logic. But sometimes the logic is buried behind the mystic of the game. Behind the immortality of a baseball card, behind the show of a televised game.

To ice the cake, I got to see a wonderful 3 year old boy in awe of it all.


  1. That's awesome! We tried taking my son to a D-Backs game when he was about 2 years old. He lasted about 3 innings, if I remember correctly. We haven't taken him back and we've never even attempted to take my youngest to a game (he's only a year and a half). I can't wait until they are older and I can take them to games and have them enjoy it.

  2. My son really enjoyed himself. I went with the knowledge that he wouldn't last. He did really well and I left as soon as he told me that he wanted to go to sleep. I could have stretch for another inning or two, but I want him to be comfortable at a game and not have memories of being forced to sit. He was so excited when he got home, that even though he almost passed out on the car ride, it took him almost an hour to go to sleep. He was upset that he didn't get to see the rally monkey.

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