Sending cards (week 2)

This week I will be sending out cards to Chase Utley, David Wright, and Dan Jansen. Been having a fantastic week, hope my luck can be carried with these cards.

Dan Jansen

Sending my first non-baseball athlete. I am sure most of you know Mr. Jansen and what he has done, but I will refresh your memory. In 1994 Dan won the gold medal in Lillehammer for the 1,000 meter speed skate. He was favored to win earlier in the 1988 Olympic games, but the day before the race his sister died of leukemia. He still raced both the 1,000 and 500 meter races but fell in both races and left medal-less.

David Wright

I don't follow the Mets so in turn I have not followed Mr. Wright (ok, that sounds just weird to say), but from what I have heard and seen I have really come to like him.

Chase Utley

I could just say ditto and be done with it, but Mr. Utley seems to just be a hard player. Doesn't seem to be the type to "mail in" a game.


  1. We'll be watching to see if you have luck with Mr. Wright. As for Chase Utley, at the very least you will received a signed official Phillies postcard from him. If you're lucky, he'll sign the card you send.

  2. Thank you, Its good to hear from experience. Out of curiosity what was Mr. Ultey's turn around time?

  3. Hey man, you wouldn't have any doubles of the Negro Leaguers from 2008 Ginter, would you? You can shoot me an email at my blog if you do. Good luck!